Film about TRUMPF Press Brakes

TRUMPF Press Brakes and
Bending Machines

TRUMPF press brakes are synonymous with excellent quality and precision in sheet metal processing. With CNC bending machines you benefit from flexible and productive bevelling and bending when processing metal. TRUMPF press brakes are ideal to use when precision bending of narrow radii and small leg lengths is required.

TRUMPF CNC machines stand for a wealth of experience and forward-thinking innovations in bending and bevelling when pro- cessing metal. When working with TRUMPF press brakes, you can process simple to complex bent sheet metal parts in almost any format, cost-effectively and to a very high standard. The key to efficient metal processing however does not just lie in the well- engineered TRUMPF machine technology and the intelligent tool system, but also in the innovations in sensor technology, such
as the ACB (Automatically Controlled Bending) and LCB (Laser Controlled Bending) angle sensors. These technologies for press brakes, developed and patented by TRUMPF, facilitate your daily work when bending and bevelling sheet metal. Complex start-up phases for bending programmes are now a thing of the past and every angle is right from the start. Changes to the recover angle due to different materials when processing aluminium, stainless steel or construction steel and different material properties are regulated independently and automatically by the system.

A CNC crowning guarantees high repetition accuracy when the sheet metal is bent. Tops 600 and TruTopsBend bending software are excellent tools when bending sheet metal on a day-to-day basis. The high level of impact and measuring accuracy on the TRUMPF CNC machines is down to the upper drive, as workpieces always sit firmly against the backgauge at the same working height. TRUMPF bending machines have an extremely large stroke and edge clearance that results in a large usable tool height. The bending tools can be changed quickly, saving you valuable time and money. TRUMPF press brakes stand out thanks to their fast movements in all axes that in turn improve the productivity of your metal processing. Occupational safety on many bending machines is often inadequate. TRUMPF press brakes from the TrumaBend and TruBend series are safe sheet metal processing machines. Machine operators do not have to reach through the hazardous zone to the tool level if they want to move the backgauge fingers in the transverse direction.

You are guaranteed high productivity, flexibility and cost-effective- ness with TRUMPF press brakes. Limited space requirements and an excellent price/performance ratio are additional arguments in favour of this sheet metal bending machine tool. Choose the TRUMPF bending machine with the pressing force and bending length that best suits your needs. TRUMPF BendMaster and the bending tool are also available as options to assist you when bevelling metal. You can also benefit in particular from the partner- ship between EHT Werkzeugmaschinen GmbH and TRUMPF. The engineers at EHT have great knowledge and expertise and years of experience in building press brakes and bending machines. More than twelve thousand TRUMPF press brakes from the TrumaBend V, C and S and TruBend 3000, 5000, 7000 and 8000 series are in use around the world.

I-H&S GmbH is a certified partner of the machine manufacturer TRUMPF and therefore your best partner for TRUMPF press brakes and bending machines.