Film about TRUMPF Combination Machines

TRUMPF Punch Laser Machines
and Combined Machines

TRUMPF combined punch laser machines combine punching and laser technology in one CNC machine and benefit from both types of sheet metal processing. Standard contours and shapes are cre- ated using special TRUMPF punching technology when punching the material and complex contours are created using laser cutting. An uncompromising optimisation strategy was clearly pursued when designing the combined machines. Workpieces are processed on two stations.

The multifunctional approach opens up previously unknown opportunities in terms of productivity and flexibility in metal processing as workpieces are completely processed in one clamping position. The two punching and laser processing stations are arranged so that workpieces can be processed with virtually no dead area. All processing options offered by the proven TRUMPF punching machines and laser machines are available to you when processing metal or sheet metal. A clever TRUMPF system comprising rigid and foldable chutes ensures that all parts are ejected quickly and safely. Sensors monitor the ejecting process both on the punch head and also on the laser system. The C-frame of the combined machine and punch laser machines enables the work area to be accessed easily from three sides. This versatile machine from the industrial machine manufacturer TRUMPF has set a very high standard for combined machines. You are guaranteed a machine concept enabling the combined processing of sheet metal with which complex contours can be punched or lasered. This concept satisfies even the strictest of safety requirements, is easy to operate and is even cost-effective when producing only a small number of units – and of course all with the high quality and reliability that you expect from TRUMPF.

Complex production tasks relating to sheet metal processing can be managed quickly and precisely using TRUMPF combined machines and different technologies can be combined intelligently when processing individual metal parts: punching of standard contours, e.g. round or rectangular holes in one stroke, laser cutting of fine internal and external contours with smooth, burr-free edges, thread forms and reshaping of various types, e.g. louvres, rim holes and beading as well as paint-resistant marking with embossing and signing tools. TRUMPF combined machines of the TRUMATIC 600 laser press and TruMatic 3000 and 6000 series are designed to meet strict market requirements and stand out thanks to their high workpiece quality, performance and flexibility with individual parts and their workshop and production runs.

I-H&S GmbH is a certified partner of the machine manufacturer TRUMPF and thereby your best partner for TRUMPF punch laser machines and combined machines.