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TRUMPF Laser Cutting Machines / Systems
and Laser Technology

The combination of precision engineering and most modern TRUMPF laser technology and control engineering are the unique selling points of TRUMPF laser cutting machines. TRUMPF lasers are multifunctional tools for sheet metal processing, especially for processing thin and thick sheets. TRUMPF lasers can be used to process aluminium, construction steel or stainless steel. They are primarily designed for cutting, but they can also be used for marking for identification purposes, for punching material or for processing laminated parts. It is not a problem cutting 25 mm thick mild steel depending on the power of the laser.

The part geometry of the laser technology can be simple or complex. The TRUMPF Trulaser Tube series is designed especially for processing pipes or tubes using a laser. The laser system can process laser cuttings nearly ready-to-fit and is even cost-effective in case of lowest batch size production in the sheet metal processing. This is a clear advantage compared to milling machines! All TRUMPF laser processing machines work according to the "flying optics" principle. This means that the material lies rigidly on a processing table whilst the laser is moved across the workpiece. High processing speeds and a high level of material utilisation are achieved regardless of the weight of the raw sheets and an almost scratch-free metal processing is guaranteed by using no workpiece clamps. Engraving, marking and laser cutting can all be carried out using the same beam source and during the same cycle. The difference between TRUMPF laser cutting machines lies in the different sizes. Select the work area that best corresponds to the dimensions of your workpiece.

All TRUMPF CNC machines are equipped with different laser technology and laser outputs. Make sure that you choose the laser that best suits the range of your workpiece. The TRUMPF laser TLF Turbo offers most modern laser technology and its laser output can be adjusted from 5 to 100 percent. CO2 lasers have proven to be reliable and resilient beam sources in metal and sheet metal processing. Their excellent beam quality combined with low gas consumption, thanks to their HF technology, make them highly flexible tools for processing sheet metal. Of course, TRUMPF laser cutting systems also satisfy the strictest safety requirements. The work area is surrounded with a protective cabin; flue gases and dust from the laser cutting process are removed effectively through a multi-chamber extraction system and a compact dust removal system.

The multi-level expansion system for the TRUMPF laser machines is extremely flexible and ranges from an automated loading device, an automated loading and unloading device in the TRUMPF LiftMaster through to a compact or modular storage system. Several tens of thousands of the TRUMATIC L and Trulaser series TRUMPF laser cutting systems are in use around the globe and have proven their worth in laser cutting thin and thick sheet metal in tough industrial environments.

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