Film about TRUMPF Punching Machines

TRUMPF Punching Machines
and Punching Systems

TRUMPF punching machines are tailored to meet the high market demands in metal and sheet metal processing and stand out thanks to their fast machining times, short tooling times, high workpiece quality and variety of applications when punching and reshaping materials. They also stand out thanks to their high level of quality, performance and flexibility, be it for individual parts or series runs, in the workshop or in production. These tool machines are based on a wide C-shaped frame in a compact, closed structure. The well thought-through design of the TRUMPF machines is reflected in the logical integration of the tool magazine into the crossbar and the easy access to the punching machine and also in the punching-bending technology.

The tool plate on TRUMPF punching machines is moved in a rigid set of coordinates precisely and quickly over the large metal processing table. AC servo-motors guarantee fast movement speeds without wear and tear when punching metal. The electro-hydraulic tappet in the punch head, developed by TRUMPF, with its integral tool holder gives direction to the technological standard of TRUMPF punching machines. The tool slots that are on hand create the basis for cost-effective production processes. It only takes seconds to retool the punching tools. The graphically programmable CNC control unit assumes the entire "management" of the machine and the TruTops Punch software supports you on a day-to-day basis whatever the task, be it punching, nibbling, reshaping, cutting threads, deburring etc.

TRUMPF punching machines and punching tools are sophisticated punching technologies; the intelligence is all in the (punch) head:

  • Coupling-free, electro-hydraulic tappet drive
  • Force and time-optimised punching process
  • Programmable tappet positions
  • Fast stroke sequences
  • Automatic tool length compensation
  • Optimum process reliability
  • Hydraulic tool clamping

TRUMPF CNC punching machines offer you an extensive array of additional options and an automation concept with parallel function processes through to "unmanned production". The TRUMPF TRUMALIFT SheetMaster, TRUMAGRIP and GripMaster or TRUMASORT components are just a few examples of high-quality machines. Select the punching machine with the punching technology, punching force and required work area that best suits your production. A TRUMPF machine from the TRUMATIC or TruPunch series that has been overhauled by I-H&S is certainly the right choice for your metal or sheet metal processing operations.

I-H&S GmbH is a certified partner of the machine manufacturer TRUMPF and therefore your best partner for TRUMPF punching machines and punching systems.